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Using A Flip Phone In 2017... - Vidozee

Using A Flip Phone In 2017...
Unbox Therapy — Published 2 years ago
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The Samsung Folder2 is one of the last of a dying breed of phones... The Flip Phone. Of course the Folder2 is far more advanced than those old school flip phones like the Motorola Razer etc. The Folder2 runs Android, features dual cameras and a touch screen. The Folder2 is unlikely to replace your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8 but for the right person it just might be what they're looking for. I have to admit, there's someth...

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy What phone are you using right now? Which one would you like to upgrade to?
Kota Nagant
Kota Nagant I am currently contemplating on whether I plan to upgrade to a new phone when my current one expires, or get this one because it seems to meet the minimum requirements of what I want in a phone and how i want to back away from the "latest" phone.
Anshul Jyoti
Anshul Jyoti Watch in 1.75x
The Cma
The Cma Wow, this looks so cool! I would actually get one as a back up phone and to look edgy, I love the noughties era and this is a symbolic of my first ever phone. And join in the trend that Japan is still used and u got a new sub!
Papillon Effect
Papillon Effect You don't need to worry about cracking the screen when dropping it. I think I might get one of these. It's the best of both worlds.