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WW1 brought to life in colour - Vidozee

WW1 brought to life in colour
Sky News — Published 9 months ago
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Stories of some of the soldiers who fought in World War One are being brought to life in a colourful new feature length documentary They Shall Not Grow Old.

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YaBoyBabyJaden My Great Grandfather fought in World War 1. He was only 15. He lied about his age. During the war in the trenches Germans gassed the trench and he started to choke then the Germans raided the trench stabbed my Great Grandfather in the leg. Luckily he was still alive. Then a couple decades later he had lung cancer and then yesterday he died due to a collapsed lung. I hope no one has to go through the stuff I had to go through. I hope everybody has a blessed day!!!!
Loading 0319
Loading 0319 Why does the person have to talk so much. I just want to see the videos😕
Liam Handville
Liam Handville What a legend.
Darwin Estep
Darwin Estep Problem is immigrants can't relate to these pictures. They have no connection at all to these people and to their history. To them these might just be privileged dead white men who the left want them to hate. Very sad state of affairs isn't it?
A. Double
A. Double They're all white, but it's a war in Europe started by whites 😂😂. In WW2 blacks were the best and most disciplined fighter pilots...Even white bomber squadrons requested their presence.