Adressing the Rumours.. - Vidozee

Adressing the Rumours..
PewDiePie — Published 4 weeks ago
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Talking about stuff epicly
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Mattea Arroyo
Mattea Arroyo Me sitting at home cheering you on

My family: wtf
-BeyondAir- when you running out of ideas
SolidSapphire I’m so glad we’ve come almost full circle with this channel because I was really not enjoying the content for a while when things got crazy and there was really nothing but memes and...really weird shit tbh. Now that it’s back to regular episodes of gaming and just having a good time and creating things and sharing experiences, I’ve really, really enjoyed it and even started playing Minecraft for my first time ever because of the new series. I’m not good at it at all and probably won’t be but I thoroughly enjoy just building and going on adventures for stuff. It’s very therapeutic. So happy for you and marzia, Felix. So proud of you too.
Super_Subway_Surfer_Man 2237491
Super_Subway_Surfer_Man 2237491 Why the fuck do I love this man so mich
paulo 89
paulo 89 Skratadu