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Pets Gone Wild | Retro Report | The New York Times - Vidozee

Pets Gone Wild | Retro Report | The New York Times
The New York Times — Published 4 years ago
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Burmese pythons, often released into the wild by pet owners, have infested the Florida Everglades and created a reptilian nightmare in the ecosystem.

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Nilan Kumarage
Nilan Kumarage brian barczyc
Faze Lord
Faze Lord Seriously tho there are hundreds of deaths from dogs and horses but nooooooooo let’s focus not the few reptile attacks
Mount Zion
Mount Zion Why YouTube take people's picture, recently they is always a slick pause taking pictures
Al Wilk
Al Wilk makes sense to me to ban these pets... the cost to americans is not worth it.... just for some loser who thinks their pet is cute until it overcomes them with upkeep and they decide to toss it to the wilds for us to deal with... it should be against the law to free these animals punishable by heavy fines in the thousands
Security First
Security First And yet bigots call countries with responsible, MORE mentally stable people who don't need exotic dangerous animals to fill a void "shithole" countries? The gun obsession, violence and selfish, irresponsible Americans/neighbors doing this makes America THE shithole country. Of the 99 million problems I had living safely in Asia, worrying about dangerous pets gone wild wasn't one.