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Does God Hate Me? | Queer Britain - Episode 1 - Vidozee

Does God Hate Me? | Queer Britain - Episode 1
BBC Three — Published 2 years ago
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Riyadh Khalaf explores the relationship between someone's faith and sexual identities.

In this episode, Riyadh meets a dis-fellowed Jehovah's witness, a Muslim woman seeking a marriage of convenience, and trans-masculine Christian, Elijah, as he is renamed in church.

Queer Britain is a six-part series, and new episodes will be released each Sunday morning.

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Bobby Han
Bobby Han All human is created in the image of God so God loves everyone and he created homosexuality
Ingen Ting
Ingen Ting Meaningless question since "God" is a non-existent supernatural being that was made up by the superstitious and ignorant minds of people who lived more than 2000 years ago. It's ridiculous that anyone could believe in such nonsense in this day and age.. at least for those of us who are sound of mind, and have the ability to use rational thought and common sense.
Will Neverforgets
Will Neverforgets Those people are not real christians... It hurts seeing this. Who could despise their own son just for this?
Art Enthusiast
Art Enthusiast 16:29 -It bothers me that Riyadh thinks that sexual orientation is something stagnant or unchanging. Your sexual orientation is not a choice but for many people it does bend and change and not everyone is comfortable with how they feel and if they truly want to find to change that you cant force them not to. I will play devils advocate and say I understand how having that kind of therapy can have a harmful effect on those who simply need to be accepted rather than being changed but do understand that that's not for everyone
Destiny Velasco
Destiny Velasco lgbtq is a sin but It doesn't mean God hates lgbtq people because if he hated people who sinned then heck he would hate everyone even Christians. I don't support the lgbtq community but I don't judge them and don't push them aside. there is lgbtq people who are Christians. so if your a lgbtq and disrespect christianity pls don't disrespect cause there will be community who do accept.