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Kung Fu: Caine vs Sabre - Vidozee

Kung Fu: Caine vs Sabre
Grasshopper — Published 2 years ago
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This clip taken from the 1970's TV series "Kung Fu" is taken from the episode called "In Uncertain Bondage" from Series 2. Starring Lynda Day George as Dora, Warren Vanders as Clifford Tate, Judy Pace as Jenny and David Carradine as Caine.

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Grasshopper This is a moderated TRIBUTE channel for the FANS of the 1970s TV show "Kung Fu" and respectfully ask that non-fans/ millennials stop viewing and commenting on the fighting through 21st century eyes or moaning about Bruce Lee. You will be blocked. Be warned.
Les Lassiter
Les Lassiter Closed captions don't make any sense. Too bad I can't hear this.
fjvideo If you put all the fights from all the episodes together, it's like a tournament movie with Caine defeating masters of many fighting disciplines: judo, karate, chain whip, axe, knife, many other styles and weapons.
Website guy
Website guy Could have used a few kidney punches after he was down. Just for training.
Martin Trapper
Martin Trapper Snap it's neck like Steven Segall would