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What 9/11 responder whispered to Jon Stewart before he choked up - Vidozee

What 9/11 responder whispered to Jon Stewart before he choked up
CNN — Published 7 days ago
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9/11 responder John Feal shares how he feels after comedian and activist Jon Stewart slammed Congress during a hearing for reauthorizing the 9/11 victim compensation fund. #CNN #News

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CA AndBAK Should Sen Mitch McConnell receive any emergency assistance such as ambulance, fire and rescue for his disrespect; lack of support and lack of action to these First Responders?
Trent Hill
Trent Hill lolol how are there so many america supporters, the country turns its back on these people and solders, lololol and people jump up to say go america, how many privet planes do u people have?, well congress and senators have more then 1,不不不不 americans are so dumb, they use cops firemen and solders, they are the first to hit poverty, 90%, of all homeless are x solders, cops and firemen, but OH YEAH GO AMERICA, this place is worse then mexico....lololol, ye plese go to war again, so congress men ans senators can buye there 5th house, mayne one in Italy, lololol the fact no one does anything, u morons deserve it, they laugh at the homeless and the poor, and so do i, they wont stop till no one has anymore money to give then they will retire in there homes that arnt even in thos country...lolol不不不, america the slave country, the week, the dumb, the zombie
Quiet Corner
Quiet Corner Outsource Congress! They're worthless!
matt fleming
matt fleming "They work for us" you god damm right
Generatorblue Generator blues
Generatorblue Generator blues Mr. Jon Steward, could you also help stop building implosions that generate the same toxic dust. If buildings were built like dresser drawers, the drawers (apartments) could be taken out before the supporting steel skeleton is dismantled. It is a shame to watch marble towers that were status symbols 30 year ago, be destroyed in seconds. It took a long time building them with materials from all over the world. That long period of construction is one of noise and dust pollution, that affect the neighbors and the local community. Architects must now design buildings that can be dismantled by removing "tractor trailer container size units" (rooms or fractions of rooms) that can be lowered by large elevators and sold to people who can reassemble these apartment units before putting a roof over them. Implosions cause a constant shortage of housing units. Lots of people live in houses that are over 100 years old while big money city investors routinely destroy the young and strong buildings that can resist the destructive forces of nature (hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes etc.) If it's already fixed, don't smash it.