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Trump asserts executive privilege over 2020 census materials - Vidozee

Trump asserts executive privilege over 2020 census materials
CNN — Published 7 days ago
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The Department of Justice informed the House Oversight Committee that President Donald Trump has asserted executive privilege over materials related to the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census. #CNN #News

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I am who I am G
I am who I am G I wish Trump would stick to his guns ... this guy should be advocating for black people born in USA but instead he’s carrying the water for illegal immigrants!
Keith Wigley
Keith Wigley I Don't mean this wrongly but when I see pictures of Trump ? Is that hairpeice of Trumps made from the fur of The polar bears dying before their time because of global warming ? With a hint of colouring...I suppose he is doing his bit in the name of America..a hairpeice no matter what cost to our earth..
Rusky Petrovsky
Rusky Petrovsky Does this sad excuse for a Media organization have any credibility left.
CVDean6 Lord send ICE out every night, to raid all employer companies where there is a possible migrant illegal hiring going on in every state of our Nation. We must remove and depot all 40,000,000 illegal migrants back into Mexico. All cases concerning their request for asylum can be televised from Mexico of each family or single person seeking safety in our country. These illegal migrants can still have their asylum case heard just not in this country but rather in Mexico.
antony michael
antony michael Trump's Executive Privilege....That just means I've done something ... Un American, Despicable, or Possibly Racist and I'm trying to cover it up ....Again.