Why Some Cops Become Cops - Kyle Kinane - Vidozee

Why Some Cops Become Cops - Kyle Kinane
Comedy Central Stand-Up — Published 2 weeks ago
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Kyle Kinane shares a few reasons why police officers might choose that particular career path and recounts a time when a very friendly cop showed up to a party. (Contains strong language.)

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jsnel43 Never heard this guy.. shame
TibGabinius Somewhere in this world a cop stands in front of a crowed, telling the story how he was called by a nice lady, quite old, because the party underneath her flat was to loud, and she smelled pot and some kids were drinking at the stairs - so he decided to go downstairs and play them by just standing around, pretending he likes their music until someone asks why he is here. To give the shocker answer "someone died", which always is a party pooper out of his experience. And this crowed, already down from his pure presence, nearly cried.

Wouldnt that be great? Imagine a comedian doing this skit....
Spenser T
Spenser T 4:53 actual hackle
Prem's Writing This guy looks like my philosophy teacher
Matt Harden
Matt Harden This guy is good.