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Honor 8X: Should You Buy the £200 Flagship? - Vidozee

Honor 8X: Should You Buy the £200 Flagship?
Android Central — Published 7 months ago
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Bruno D
Bruno D The amateur's amateurish review. The red model is not available in Europe. Did you mention that the battery is non-removable? So when it gets utterly knackered, you loose the entire phone. Sim size is Nano btw. Full specs on
Megan Colley
Megan Colley is this an upgrade to an Iphone SE? I just want something with a bigger screen but don't want a slower phone, don't have the budget for a newer iphone, thanks
Lynx C
Lynx C Lowlight?? Nightmode on and wow magic
Lirof Lir
Lirof Lir what? whats wrong with micro usb. as far as i know its awy better than usb Type C. and every powerbank hedphones and other electronic deives using it so insted of carrying 2cables you carry 1 MICRO USB IS A PLUS THERE. and no battery dont last 1 day. still need to be charged fev times per day. your review is horrible
TuAi Le
TuAi Le Who is here because of Pewdiepie?