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"People don't believe I am Japanese" says Miss Japan - BBC News - Vidozee

BBC News — Published 4 years ago
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With a Japanese mother and African American father, Ariana Miyamoto has become the first bi-racial woman to be crowned Miss Japan. The question of whether a person of mixed race should be eligible to win the competition has since provoked a heated argument on social media, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports.

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Nesanet Lehulum
Nesanet Lehulum Japanese believe they are a kind of master race like the Germans did, the difference is the Germans don't believe anymore, the Japanese still do.
Rodolfo Lasparri
Rodolfo Lasparri Pretty lady, and seems like a very nice lady.....looks like Alicia Keyes,
.......minus the cankles, unattractive legs, and huge rear end.
Regardless...she's not of the Japanese race, she's half the same way Mr. Obama is 1/2 White and 1/2 Black, not Black.
...and Hallie Berry isn't Black, she's 1/2 and 1/2....a Black lady with lots of cream in her coffee.
Ernesto Brooks
Ernesto Brooks shes a fuckin black.. why blacks always pretend t be otherwise.. they say they latino or mix this mix that,.. this is due to low self esteem.
John Benolie
John Benolie I AM half dog half pig
Kookie Pooh
Kookie Pooh Can this woman just stfu she looks Japanese to me and her skin colour don't matter SHE'S JAPANESE!!!