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Life under Taliban in Afghanistan - BBC News - Vidozee

Life under Taliban in Afghanistan - BBC News
BBC News — Published 2 years ago
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The BBC has been given rare access to see life under the Afghan Taliban in Helmand province.

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Scott Hulsey
Scott Hulsey I think Taliban should come into modern times let women go to school . Swear they will never work with terrorist again to attack US and work with the New Afgan Government .Let Women and children go to hospital.Come to peace table so Americans can leave with hope for a bright future for all Afgans. and peace.
Scott Hulsey
Scott Hulsey Women in your country going to revolt one day a seize power!
fareed ahmad
fareed ahmad Army will move from Afghanistan to crush the Israel and jue finally
marshall de corazón
marshall de corazón Taliban occupied Afghanistan we find music, cell phones, movies are forbidden but selling opium is OK. Taliban are vicious, ignorant lying dogs, so sad once US leaves Taliban will immediately take over the country, then all is lost for the next 20yrs, all hope gone.
Canoksan comprehensive learning program
Canoksan comprehensive learning program Allah will serve you and I wish you will live the best life after this johaad end up. Kill the american troops and NATO in millions. I beg all Muslims to participate in this jihad by dua for the mujaahidiina to win this holy battle and this will make your respect higher in this world and hereafter. I love the Afghanis.