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iOS 13 announcement in 10 minutes
Macworld — Published 4 months ago
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As expected, at WWDC 2109 Apple announced the newest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 13. The big updates are Dark Mode, better performance, more advanced Maps, and a wide variety of new security features.

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Santa Chy
Santa Chy It’s good but why we can’t use 3 or more finger it’s very bad for all ios user you should fix it quickly please
Silent Teeth
Silent Teeth Now more restricted speech, better tracking, our news 24/7, more blocked apps, blocked content, and a safer place for us to tell you what is good for you, all for only $1600
Hussein Kassam
Hussein Kassam Apple we love privacy

Others: you take privacy to annoying level :/
AJ BENEDICTO C. CAPARIDA I'm an android user and I watch this for spying purposes
A-R-D Real
A-R-D Real Apple: We will shut down apple...
Audience: WoOoOoOoOoOo