'KD owes me an apology' for being right about why he left Golden State — Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED - Vidozee

'KD owes me an apology' for being right about why he left Golden State — Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED — Published 2 weeks ago
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Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless react to Kevin Durant opening up to The Wall Street Journal about disliking the NBA culture and politics that come with it. Plus, hear what they had to say about KD criticizing OKC Thunder fans and his experience with the Golden State Warriors.

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED What are your thoughts on Kevin Durant’s comments?
1-800-Busy Mom
1-800-Busy Mom KD never gonna be satisfied
James Anderson
James Anderson Shannon keep a ole southern expression ready for ya
multi150nyc Faux Johnny Gill, a.ka. Kevin Do-rant, a.k.a Can't Beat Em' Join Them. Hey Kevin Durant, leave all the baggage behind !!! You're now in the Mecca of Basketball here in N.Y.C. Along with Kyrie hopefully you can start anew and find peace in what will definitely be the most media frenzy city you will ever play for. Thank: SEA, OKC, & (GSW) The Town for your vital NBA growth, support, and accolades than focus on the here&now and what can be. Its in your hands now. No excuses only legacy.
Matti Suffron
Matti Suffron Durant's problem is that he's always playing alongside at least 1 other superstar. Not just stars, but superstars. Once he established his greatness (year 3), Westbrook was coming into his own. And then Westbrook became the ball dominant player he is now. Then went to the Warriors and we all know their story. And now he's going to be paired up with Kyrie. He simply, in conventional terms, hasn't led a team where he gets full credit for that teams success. His ego is getting the better of him. Not saying having an ego is bad(it can be the a great motivator). He just hasn't figured out how to properly use it to his advantage...