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Anderson Cooper: Trump chose Kanye over victims - Vidozee

Anderson Cooper: Trump chose Kanye over victims
CNN — Published 8 months ago
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CNN's Anderson Cooper criticizes President Trump's White House meeting with Kanye West while Florida simultaneously deals with the fallout from Hurricane Michael. #CNN #News

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Deeq Adan
Deeq Adan Kanye Real Nigga We Need to Make Everything In America not in China
Brock Zephyr
Brock Zephyr What a stupid story fucking homo...
Petere Poet
Petere Poet Anderson Cooper, Here is s woman that Kanye West was talking about.
Kip Tucker
Kip Tucker Bring on that Blue Wave of douchey socialist libs... don't want ANY excuses from those crybabies when they're shellacked at the polls!!!
Dennel Clayton
Dennel Clayton LMFAO! 😂 Anderson Cooper's facial expression after the Kanye footage was priceless! Great reporting Anderson and putting the jest of this story in it's proper context.