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O.J. Simpson Jurors Are Hard to Come By (James Franco) - SNL - Vidozee

O.J. Simpson Jurors Are Hard to Come By (James Franco) - SNL
Saturday Night Live — Published 6 years ago
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O.J. Simpson's attorney questions potential jurors to ensure that they have no knowledge of his client's history. Unfortunately, even the amnesia patient, the women raised by wolves and the alien he interviews all are in the know. [Season 34, 2008]


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SIKE01 SNL almost made a funny.
Nico Ragua
Nico Ragua Juror number one still hasn't met his family...
GHustle4 looking back and thinking now people are still talking about a case that was acquitted BUT wont care to talk about those who are getting locked up and adding lifetimes of prison time without evidence That Roman circus is real
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer I still don't know who he is, I just know he killed someone
Kai0nTheMoon Figures Zorbanus would be a gaseous planet.