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What Happens When The Queen Dies | Vanity Fair - Vidozee

What Happens When The Queen Dies | Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair — Published 11 months ago
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After nearly 66 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch in British history and has been a constant and calming force amidst the fast-paced changes their country has faced, making it even more inconceivable to think about what happens when she dies. Since Buckingham Palace doesn’t shy away from procedure, it's no surprise there’s already a comprehensive plan in place for what happens after sh...

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Johnny Time Traveler: What are you watching?
Me: What happens if The Queen dies.
Time Traveler: Oh ok, The Queen is still alive.
Me: [happiness noise]
veronica clayton
veronica clayton what happens when she dies,probably bury her
MonsterDC All my mans Charles wants to do is just be the kind this dude been waiting for like 3/4 of his life
Truth Teller
Truth Teller She won't die. She doesn't even wear glasses