Trying The WEIRDEST DIYs from 5 Minute Crafts (honestly wtf) - Vidozee

Trying The WEIRDEST DIYs from 5 Minute Crafts (honestly wtf)
LaurDIY — Published 4 months ago
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UUUUUM ya tbh I have no explanation for how WEIRD these DIYs are HAHA (looking at u foot facetime flop) but regardless I hope u enjoyed this! let me know what u think of 5 min crafts and if they're trolling all of us or if they're a real DIY page cause I truly don't know. See u ...

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Danna Moya
Danna Moya If its literally explained hope that its true
Bookthany Y
Bookthany Y Well it’s a literal hair brush
kalon strickland
kalon strickland we should call him stupied poine one:> :D REMMEDER
Ajhersko “You think your like is hard? I WEAR SIZE 13 NIKES ... MENS SIZE 13 NIKES” lauren: unless you wear men’s size ten shoes, this craft won’t for for you
The Astronapur
The Astronapur “I can’t do it!!!” x1000000