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BETI JAISI - Episode 77 | HAR PAL GEO -


Can society give equal rights to a step daughter? This is a story of a step daughter Maha, who lives with her father, step mother and stepsister whom she love more than her real sister, her father loves her a lot and willing to give equal rights like his other daughter. Maha’s step mother pretends in front of her husband that she consider Maha more than her real daughter and give importance to her as well but in actual she doesn’t like her and always tries to make situation in which Maha has to compromise. Maha, fell in love with her cousin who lives in the same house, but her step mother doesn’t want to get her married with him, because she is willing to make him her own son in-law and finally she fixed Maha’s wedding with a different guy. Maha’s married life is not as happy as she always thought and strive to make her marriage successful but her husband is a very cunning and manipulative man.

Written by: Ghazala Aziz
Directed by: Amjad Hussain Khan
Produced by: Ali Qazi
Production House: BF Entertainment
Cast: Maham Amir, Imran Aslam, Sabahat Bukhari, Jinnan Hussain, Adeel Amjad

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