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Hurricane Michael leaves nothing unscathed in hard-hit areas - Vidozee

Hurricane Michael leaves nothing unscathed in hard-hit areas
CBS This Morning — Published 8 months ago
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Florida's governor says more than 1,800 rescue workers are already helping with recovery and cleanup after Hurricane Michael. The hardest-hit areas include the coastal towns of Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach, where Michael made landfall. Omar Villafranca reports from Port St. Joe.

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Kristie Bentley
Kristie Bentley Coming in to finally be able to watch these news reports a month after the storm. I just have to say I appreciate you guys showing Port St Joe and Mexico Beach because it doesn't look like anybody else really showed the damage outside Panama City Beach. Thank you. As a resident that lives in Bayou George (just outside Panama City, more towards Callaway), I appreciate it. I want the world to know that more than just the beach took damage. I have tourists come into my store at work and say "It wasn't that bad huh?" Because the beach was up and running in a week. My home was without power for 19 days. I have neighbors that came home just to get their belongings and leave. I have friends who lost their homes, their jobs. The hospitals were pretty much shut down, and one just opened 100% back up. The eye wall came in Mexico Beach and Callaway and I was in the eye on 231. It was terrifying. Just again, thank you for the coverage.
Joker Matchsticks.
Darius Ginyard
Darius Ginyard Edomite are white people and the Bible your Time on Earth is up Doom days coming soon for you Devils
PYT29 I had NO IDEA this storm was as bad as it was!! MY GOODNESS, minutes from being called a Cat 5! Couldn’t imagine seeing this when the air cleared!! May God bless them! 90% of dwellings are destroyed that’s unreal! Thank Goodness that the flood waters subsided vs like Houston/ Harvey and Katrina/ NOLA.
May God bless them!!!!
TheProBush God's army...bringing a normal day in Gaza to USA