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How to shoot Wide Angle Lenses: 7 Things You NEED To KNOW!
Pierre T. Lambert — Published 1 year ago
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Today we’re talking about some of my favourite lenses! Wide Angle lenses.
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When I just started I remember wanting one for a while and when I finally got it I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would - mainly because I didn’t know how or for what. Let’s dive into 7 things you need to know about wide angle lenses :
1- Be aware ...

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Pierre T. Lambert
Pierre T. Lambert Who's got a wide angle in the closet?!
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Bichitrananda Behera
Bichitrananda Behera Hope to see you soon
Frank Varela
Frank Varela I have only take a few pics with wife angle but I like how they came out.
JAZZ MAN I just got my first ultra wide lens yesterday. It’s a Tamron 11-18mm on my Nikon D7100. Got a hilarious very close up pic of the cat’s curiosity which nearly killed ME from laughing so much 😂😂😂.
Experiment Zone
Experiment Zone Ok, so let’s get factually correct, Talking about wide angle lenses: A wide angle lens is any lens that sees anything in a smaller perspective than the human eye; in the case of a full frame sensored camera, that is anything less than 50mm. A 35 mm lens could be termed “wide”, a 28mm wide enough for most landscape photography. 24mm is very wide, and wider than that is “ultra wide angle”. The last fifteen years has seen a lot of really good quality ultra wide angle lenses, that are a lot of fun to use. If you have an aps sensor in your camera, like a Canon EOS 700 for example, anything wider than about 32mm is wide, less than 15mm is extreme wide!
Have fun with your photography, and don’t be afraid to experiment! #shoottheadventure