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A diverse and divided Britain: The people of Oldham's views - Vidozee

A diverse and divided Britain: The people of Oldham's views
Sky News — Published 3 years ago
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A government review has warned that Britain is becoming more divided as the country grows more diverse.

The report says school children should be taught British values of tolerance and respect, to help bind communities.

Our Correspondent Lisa Holland went to Oldham to examine the scale of the problem.

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Ken Hall
Ken Hall we're not here to just propagandise them while they're too young to know the facts..dreadful
keith wilkins
keith wilkins Beware of carefully selected street interviews.They are not representative.The politically correct subtle influence is there.Listen to the interviewer carefully.
Dominus Telcum
Dominus Telcum I dont' see Asians. I see Indians.
tranceman22 Multiculturalism only works when all sides are involved. Homogenous communities are the problem. Islam forms homogenous communities and this is why the women in these communities are made to dress differently. It seems that we are forced to accept bad practices that are bigoted misogynistic and homophobic yet we can't raise the issue without being branded as racists.
Michael Knight
Michael Knight We didnt ask for immigration. It was thrust upon us!!