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India's #MeToo Moment: Tanushree Dutta & Sandhya Menon speak to Barkha Dutt - Vidozee

India's #MeToo Moment: Tanushree Dutta & Sandhya Menon speak to Barkha Dutt
MOJO STORY — Published 8 months ago
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sourabh dhingra
sourabh dhingra Wow hiring muslims with zakir naik as a hobby. Zakir Naik has run away from this nation. Now what?
Vivek is right. He sense ke dal mai kuch kala hai.
Jahangir Hussain
Jahangir Hussain what's the point of #MeToo movement in India when a 'respected' and 'sanskaari' senior actor like alok nath who has been molesting and raping women for several years is roaming free and is even acting in an upcoming movie called 'de de pyaar de'?
Allah rakha nam Nam
Allah rakha nam Nam Woman's harrasement woman in office by using male staff and colleagues to create a scandal, gossip...threat by phone fr jealousy and to destroyed good career of the young lady...if they can not impress and not capable to compromise lady boss , they start this in office....use political gunda in street also. to make afraid In the young girl..mind..thus the young conservative girl can't move their career they are frustrated and feel mental trouble....
anshuman sinha
anshuman sinha Please see Tanushree Duttas application for The US green card to understand the timing.... The FIR she lodged she withdrew because in her own words it was too cumbersome.
Burkha and almost all the media have treated the #metoo movement most irresponsibly, and Sandhya Menon on the other hand has turned 360 in her recent tweet on Arghay Basus suicide. What you have propagated is the 1984 Orwellian nightmare where men and women will never be able to trust each other again.
Muhammad Umair
Muhammad Umair so cute tanashree