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Democrats send 'information' concerning Kavanaugh nomination to FBI - Vidozee

Democrats send 'information' concerning Kavanaugh nomination to FBI
CNN — Published 10 months ago
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Senate Democrats have referred information concerning the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the FBI, they said Thursday, and called for the Judiciary Committee to delay a vote.

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ctbadcop15 These cucks never quit
Renita Harris
Renita Harris I watch some this today. When he was crying, he wants them to feel sorry for him. But when that Lady ask him a question about. Why you want ask the President to open up the case for the FBI? To ask you questions, he was avoiding her questions. Someone either lying or covered evidence. l hope l am wrong about what l saw and heard today during this trial.
J. Muller
J. Muller There is a woman that says Keith Ellison beat her and she has physical evidence to prove it but you don't see the Democrats calling for an investigation into that do you?
wilderness fun
wilderness fun Here is an interesting an informative video:
hellhound551 is hilarious that all of the morons on here that worship at the alter of the fake news really believe he won't be confirmed. This is just another obstructionist tactic by the desperate liberal left to stall things. This too will be fall away like everything else the corrupt establishment tries to do. Face it libtards.....the PC culture is finished..the leftist agenda is finished...peace and sanity will return to the country once the criminals are all in prison. You will all watch your Hero's sent to Gitmo and prosecuted one by one for their crimes and treason. But keep watching and believing the fake will keep you pacified until reality kicks you in the ass....coming soon.....prepare yourselves.