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Cause of MH17 crash by Dutch Safety Board - Vidozee

Cause of MH17 crash by Dutch Safety Board
CGTN America — Published 4 years ago
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The crash of flight MH17 on 17 July 2014 was caused by the detonation of a 9N314M-type warhead launched from the eastern part of Ukraine using a Buk missile system. So says the investigation report published by the Dutch Safety Board

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Bernhard Hörlezeder
Bernhard Hörlezeder Das sieht ja jeder Volltrottel, das das da 3 cm Löcher drinn sind, das kann man ja nachmessen mit einen Geodreieck...
mark nvt
mark nvt Imagine that you are one of the four suspects which name and photo's are released worldwide, man i could not live with myself if something terrible as this would be connected with my name and photo and the whole world knows who i am and where i live.
yuri Lemming
yuri Lemming Malaysian airliner Mh370 disappeared March 2014 not a trace has been found, June 2014 Mh17 is supposedly brought down by Buk while flying in a war zone, a Malaysian plane similar to MH370 was seen later in a ME countries hanger, you can guess which.
ДЕД ПИХТО Гореть в аду заказчикам, исполнителям, следственной группе и всем причастным к распространению лживой, без доказательной информации. Скоро, скоро. Готовьтесь сцюки.
Devo OS
Devo OS And yet we did nothing! That's why Vladimir Putin thinks he can get away with anything