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Tom Cruise's Heated Interview With Matt Lauer | Archives | TODAY - Vidozee

Tom Cruise's Heated Interview With Matt Lauer | Archives | TODAY
TODAY — Published 5 years ago
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On June 23, 2005, Tom Cruise joined Matt Lauer to discusses his new film "War Of The Worlds," his new relationship with Katie Holmes, and Scientology.
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80sruler Go Maverick
Joan Ellis
Joan Ellis My mom had Shock Treatments in 1950 She had many at Kingston General Hospital in Ontario, Canada. It left her afraid, insecure and disabled for the rest of her life. Following her ST sessions, she returned home and for the remainder of her life (She died in 2002 of a stroke) she took 13 pills a day. I HATE  Psychiatrists and their methods for the cure of mental illness ( and by the way, my mom was not mentally ill) She was abused by my dad and became very hermitic after being released from KGH. When I turned 15 I tried to get her to stop taking the pills. I told her to replace them with a glass of wine but she was a naïve soul and trusted the doctors . Psychiatry is to be avoided at all costs. It CAN and WILL destroy you. Jesus Christ CAN and WILL treat any ailment you have AND whether or not  you trust HIM, HE WILL heal you. Scientology is not of God. Truth exists in that cult but deceit is the leader. Don't Walk but RUN from any association with them.
nuclear kid
nuclear kid I'd go with Tom. Not because hes tom, but because i believe the same thing. Not about scientology but about a lifestyle without any sort of drugs.
Leohardson Stevenson
Leohardson Stevenson Tom Cruz is short? Or normal?
Madison Miller
Madison Miller If he thinks an anti depressant is the same as an anti psychotic or a stimulant (like Ritalin) he clearly doesn’t understand the history of psychiatry or drug classes as a whole.