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Hurricane Florence splits CNN anchor's microphone cord - Vidozee

Hurricane Florence splits CNN anchor's microphone cord
CNN — Published 10 months ago
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Strong wind gusts from Hurricane Florence test CNN's John Berman and his crew during live coverage of the storm in North Carolina.

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Anonymous Oops. missed it. Poor guy, and on national Tv
Chika Chimezie
Chika Chimezie John Berman you are so stupid and made and crazy I wish you were dead😈
Sweetexorcist7 Great work as always
Danny White
Danny White BREAKING: CNN Fake News claims Hurricane Florence was created by Trump as a divisive tool to separate the country. Facts suggest that Trump's numerous tweets on Twitter created this whirlwind that later formed the actual hurricane, in an almost Red Wave like fashion! The only recourse now is to stop this massive Red Wave of national injustice by impeaching Donald Trump. We have learned that Soros is now lobbying Twitter to censor Trump's tweets and block this Red Wave. So far it's appears as though it's having little to no effect. Humanity seems to be waking up and supporting the destruction of the NWO. All Fake News outlets are in peril. They've run out of tissues and diapers. Nothing but tears, piss and shit everywhere! Some would call this justice, some cruel. How could a president be so inhuman to cause a hurricane of such injustice to Americans who wish to destroy a country and sleep at night? Q, WWG1WGA!!!!!!!!
Rye God!