Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED - Vidozee

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED
WIRED — Published 1 year ago
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Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield helps debunk (and confirm!) some common myths about space. Is there any sound in space? Does space smell like burnt steak? Is NASA working on warp speed?

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Emilio Sánchez Rdz
Emilio Sánchez Rdz I can't get my head around relativity, because a speed limit, or aging differently must mean something like there's a fixed speed that you are always in, but you can actually change how time goes around you for that "speed" to be increased or decreased.
BenOfGlory That's not growing! It's stretching, with style!
dooms cr
dooms cr Space is FLAT.
NASA is a government hoax.
J3AN P3T3R But how do you smell space ? are you sure its SPACE or just the smell of the interior of the ISS ?
Braydon Recker
Braydon Recker I feel so smart that I knew the answer to the explosion question