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The Suicide of Europe - Vidozee

The Suicide of Europe
PragerU — Published 1 year ago
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Europe is committing suicide. How did this happen? In this video, Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, explains the two major causes of Europe’s impending downfall.
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kwkwkwkw rebirth
Notenbrood The majority of the Netherlands want closed borders and less EU. Still, every year, more and more illegal immigrants come in and more and more aspects of the country are ruled over by the European Union.

This has been because self proclaimed 'right wing' parties are dominant, but yet they follow the GreenLeft party, which is a commie party in disguise. And so, more 'radical' forms of conservatism come around with decent points and the power to really enforce the will of the majority.

And what does our RETARDED media say?

"Fascism is on the rise"

Ja, ik heb het over jou, Asha ten Broeke, met je klotecolumn in de Volkskrant en je nonbinaireGroenlinkszuretouwtyfusroomkut
Nyctasia This is what 1,500 years of Judeo-Christian religion gets Europe, some nice churches, some priests fiddling with kids, and the desire to help people who hate you. The Abrahamic religions should be abandoned and so should all policies that allow people from Africa and the Middle East into Europe. They do not assimilate, they do not like western society, a large percentage do not work when they get here, and most have little intention to integrate.
Adolf Richtar
Adolf Richtar
Adolf Richtar
Adolf Richtar It's NOT suicide, it's have been orchestrated by JEWS, race of SATAN on Earth. As jews want to destroy us White Adamic race, we will BURN them a LIVE as Bible say !!! The real holocaust coming !!! No survivors this time !!!