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#EuronewsNow | Soyuz rocket carrying ISS crew fails in mid-air - Vidozee

#EuronewsNow | Soyuz rocket carrying ISS crew fails in mid-air
euronews (in English) — Published 8 months ago
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A booster rocket carrying a Soyuz spacecraft with a Russian cosmonaut and US astronaut on board failed mid-air on its way to the ISS, forcing the crew to make an emergency landing. What are the top stories today? Click to watch:

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Thierry Herreman
Thierry Herreman They also failed to film the 'landing'.I was afraid they would fail to film the landing. And they DID.
Wolfreespirit Rebel
Wolfreespirit Rebel Typical of Eu news, just like theresa may , full of lies and hot air. ,!
Casper B.
Casper B. "Shoulda woulda coulda" - thank God the Russians safety protocols were in place and astronauts back to Earth safely.
Manue Ramirez
Manue Ramirez Too much background noise
Kafir Linda Clark
Kafir Linda Clark Very happy they survived!