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10 Amazing Homemade Inventions 2018 #4 - Vidozee

10 Amazing Homemade Inventions 2018 #4
DS inventions — Published 10 months ago
Likes: 29, 362 — Dislikes: 11, 777
12, 552, 489 views


Amazing Homermade Inventions, episode 4- The best Homemmade inventions and ideas foe easier life from around the world ! 2018

Swimming Pool Compilation

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dalepres1 12 million people suckered in by this video. I hope that means 12 million people who won't watch another one from this youtuber. Not a single home made invention in the video. Like another commenter said, no homemade, no invention, and not ten items....
Gerard Van Ark
Gerard Van Ark 46280316
Additional Pylons
Additional Pylons This is just a really long video of rich people having big ass pools built.
Dee Schoe
Dee Schoe Not a single invention!
Abraham Parappallil, Edathua
Abraham Parappallil, Edathua യു ആർ എ ബാസ്ററാർഡ്