Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #3 (TEST) - Vidozee

Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #3 (TEST)
Good Mythical Morning — Published 4 months ago
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What happens to pickle juice when it goes through a water filter? GMM #1565
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Courtney Cherrie
Courtney Cherrie I think the word you were looking for is "denatured"
Sascha Funk
Sascha Funk Maybe you can make Cristal Pepsi when pooring Coca Cola in the filter.
Alice Margatroid
Alice Margatroid People say "Will it P.O box?"
But I ask
"Will. It. Makeourpostaldeliveryperson mad?"
badbadwolfgrlTARDIS I want to see you guys filter lliquid mercury!!!
Juliet Mooney
Juliet Mooney I have noticed that Link is a lot better at opening things than Rhett