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Amazing Inventions and Technologies You'll Find Interesting To Watch -

From amazing robots to Holographic Fan Displays, prepare to be amazed by this list of Amazing Inventions and Technologies that are as incredible to watch as they are ingenius.
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Be Amazed at these incredible inventions and technology! Military Wheels - DARPA, which works on technology for the US military, has designed a new kind of wheel for vehicles. Falcon Heavy - Earlier this year, you may remember Elon Musk launched his personal Tesla Roadster into space whilst showing off the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle designed by his company, SpaceX. Ikea chair robots - Check out these robots doing what most humans can't—assembling Ikea furniture. Steampunk Power Chair - Steampunk fans will enjoy this incredible wheelchair...without wheels . Vacuum Forming Machine - Ever wondered how plastic and other materials are shaped into the items we use every day? The Sand Blaster Bait Caster - Fishing can be frustrating, sitting around all day waiting to catch a fish. Well, the Sand Blaster Bait Caster Canon may be able to help!
NASA Water Flow System - Pretzel Maker - I'm sure the people who work at those pretzel places in the mall wish they had a machine like this . It puts together pretzels much faster than a human baker. Rubix Cube Solver - The only thing more complicated than figuring out a Rubik's building a device to automatically solve it for you . Rice Harvester - Even though some people fear them, Machines are amazing because they increase our productivity by leaps and bounds. Da Vinci Overbalanced Wheel - Perpetual machines don’t technically work because we can’t violate the first or second law of thermodynamics. Still, some are entertaining to watch. Canning Beer - Now this is a beautiful sight—watch as Sunken City Brewing Company cans a fresh batch of Dam Lager. Toothbrush Filler - Meet the machine that adds those bristles to your toothbrush . I bet my dentist could watch this all day. WinterGatan Marble Machine - This is the WinterGatan Marble Machine, designed by musician Martin Molin. It uses 2,000 marbles to play music. Shoe Coverer - Need disposable shoe covers to keep your shoes clean? Don't feel like bending down? Genius gates - This is no ordinary gate .


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