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Trump: Brett Kavanaugh 'caught up in a hoax' - BBC News - Vidozee

Trump: Brett Kavanaugh 'caught up in a hoax'  - BBC News
BBC News — Published 8 months ago
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US President Donald Trump has said the sex assault claims against his new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh were a "hoax" and "all made up".

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keefie80 Mr BBC..IF you care to read the facts of the Kavanaugh case it is CLEAR blasey ford has no evidence of anything happening with brett and not only has she no date no day no location no physical evidence no real polygraph no friends evidence no enemies evidence....she ALSO lied about her front door..tge reason for the door..the alert for annonimity..the fear of flying..her teaching of a friend how to cheat a polygraph.
Then..her bona fida lawyers needing no payment but she set up a go fund me reaching $750k..shes moved to new zealand..her husband and boyfriends say she lies..her cia connections..her boss at stanford is related to fienstien.
And if all that isnt enough...SHE wrote a paper on how to create false memories from hypnosis regression. Ive missed some bits out.
But to head this..HOAX..on trumps part. Shows how poor and low the standard of impartiality and journalism at the BBC has sunk.
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown
D AN America has itself to blame. It sexually abuses its men as infants in the most traumatic and destructive way..male circumcision. The anger and psychological destruction in the U.S. are there for all to see.
Nikolay Ivanov
Nikolay Ivanov Do not forget about your killed ordinary soldiers-PUTINSKY SPECIALISTS IN THE MUSLIM COUNTRIES. You are at the bases, which is what his people have achieved.
chairshoe81 mr daddy pressident trumbp has me feelin sexeh