Brickleberry - Woody Johnson's History of the Earth - Vidozee

Brickleberry - Woody Johnson's History of the Earth
Comedy Central — Published 5 years ago
Likes: 2, 112 — Dislikes: 73
218, 119 views


Woody gives Ethel an education in what the world was like 2,015 years ago.

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Mr. Mask
Mr. Mask That gave our religion a bad name
MerGamer This is exactly what happened science and the Bible confirms it! Jesus!
Hooters 984
Hooters 984 Why did brickle berry get canceled
sro StryKer
sro StryKer name of the singer please? he is AWESOME
Tom Dill
Tom Dill So the stuff around 1500 to 3 BC never happened? Just Dino’s and then Jesus came around and killed them. Ok this is full of crap. This is why Comedy Central shouldn’t lead Sunday School class