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The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won't Use - Vidozee

The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won't Use
CGP Grey — Published 5 months ago
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All boarding methods in full:

More Queues:

HI-related easter egg (there are lots of easter eggs in this video):

Voting systems:

First class: https...

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Andres Korberg
Andres Korberg Lufthansa seems to have some success w window-mid-aisle
AOC Just announce that you have a bomb and everyone will leave for you.
iforce2d How about those assholes who 'mistakenly' sit in your window or aisle seat, as if they can't read simple numbers and letters, then you have to point out where they should go and get them to move. Or the grade-A assholes who STILL insist that your seat is actually theirs, and you have to call the flight attendant to move them along. I seem to be cursed with encountering these fuckwits about 30% of the time when I travel.
iforce2d Am I the only one who prefers being almost the last to get on the plane? I would rather spend the time waiting in the more spacious boarding lounge than getting into my cramped plane seat early and then getting up and down twice so that people can get past me. I would be thrilled if they boarded everyone individually in order and I was last - the less time in that crowded tin can the better. This works best if you have small carry-on that you know will fit even when everybody else has stowed their luggage, otherwise you'll be the guy everyone is waiting for, searching for a compartment ten rows down that still has room left.
iforce2d The Steffen Perfect would actually work in Japan