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SHOCKING: Tanushree Dutta didn't get a Single Penny for Horn Ok Please - Vidozee

SHOCKING: Tanushree Dutta didn't get a Single Penny for Horn Ok Please — Published 8 months ago
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Tanushree Dutta in part 7 of her Exclusive interview tells that she never worked for money and talks about Big Boss and other reality show offers.

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Sandeep Mathur
Sandeep Mathur Talented Actress ... wasting time India...
Venkatesh Subburaman
Venkatesh Subburaman I don't know how these people are still blindly believing these women's words, without any investigation. These type of women are hypergamy, these type of woman are in continous search of well settled, high profile, high status men and these woman just try to attach/make relationship herself with well settled, good earning, powerfull men even if he is married and try to get the married man on her side using sex as weapon and after the relationship breaksup, these women do not have confident that they will get another well settled man so cry rape fooling others.
Actually there is no such thing like abuse of power by men, these women themself search for powerfull man, these type of woman are hypergamy, just attach /get closer to high profile man even if he's already married. These women continuously search for high profile man and try to get him on her side by traping the man using sex as weapon.
The name of the woman who makes such fake/false allegations should be revealed to public, so that these type of woman doesn't try to trap other men using sex. Because these type woman trap men using sex as weapon because they doesn't know how to please/attract a man through genuine way, so they try to trap man using sex. The man who is accused of fake/false allegation should reveal the truth to the other man about the woman, so that other man does fall in the trap of the woman who accused you by fake/false story.
Mahesh Dalvi
Mahesh Dalvi Drama shuruvat kis ne kiya
Nikhil Ch
Nikhil Ch God blesss u tannu
Priyanka Pingua
Priyanka Pingua Interesting personality