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Archaeologists Jaw Dropping Discovery Leaves Everyone Completely Confused! - Vidozee

Archaeologists Jaw Dropping Discovery Leaves Everyone Completely Confused!
Matrix Wisdom — Published 5 months ago
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No one knows who made it and why, it is a mystery.

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Vincent Telfer
Vincent Telfer has the body been exhumed?
Filipe Matias
Filipe Matias Olaf forged the rune stone inscriptions!
Filipe Matias
Filipe Matias Gots from Gotland island in Sweden, not Goths as in the ancient Wisigoths and Ostrogoths!
Arnold Polin
Arnold Polin There's no mention of native people. Considering that the people mentioned went onto Anahuac, now called Mexico. To learn metallurgy. Especially in gold. Celtic kings are found with millions of dollars in gold, buried in there tombs. There are no gold mines in north Europe. Therefore, why go exploring in lands teeming with native people. There were thousands of blond blue eyed people in the Aztec city that the Spaniards became aware of. They couldn't under stand why they were there.
richieboy09 I know one thing, you can forget Columbus, i wish they would stop trying to tell people the bs about Columbus!