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Nikki Haley: US ambassador to UN resigns - BBC News - Vidozee

Nikki Haley: US ambassador to UN resigns - BBC News
BBC News — Published 8 months ago
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US President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

He told reporters in the Oval Office that she would be leaving the post at the end of the year after doing "an incredible job".

Joined by the former South Carolina governor in the Oval Office, he invited her to come back in a different role. "You can have your pick," he said.

Mrs Haley was confirmed as US...

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Bayzid Hossain
Bayzid Hossain She was fined $3,500 for her unethical behaviour while was in SC governor. “Trump please no touching her” unshaven
Aaron Stone
Aaron Stone Anyone else who thinks she looks like female TOM CRUISE?
olivia tg
olivia tg No "grabbing " this time ? ? ?
Subhabrata Das
Subhabrata Das Thank you for your service Nikki Haley :)
Justme21021 HEY people JARED KUSHNER, Trumps son in law has paid NO or LITTLE income taxes for MANY YEARS !!!!!! It´s in the NEWS !!! Jared Kushner the so called "genius" by nikki haley !!!