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Is Immigration needed if British people won’t do tough jobs? - Vidozee

Is Immigration needed if British people won’t do tough jobs?
BBC Three — Published 5 years ago
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BBC Free Speech audience and panel debates immigration in Margate.

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Eddie 666
Eddie 666 Employers use this as cheap labour, not rocket science.
tony dunne
tony dunne a foreign would work for the min wage ..
yeshaya24 Rest of the world reacons there are too many Brits in the world !
Skinny Bob
Skinny Bob If you were running a country, you would flood the market with low paid, low skilled workers as it undermines your position, job security and lowers wages. As for some one living on £1 per hour - that us absolute BS. Immigrant in the city where I live are involved in organised begging as a business. Not ALL immigrants are like this, but some are. Slaughter houses are now full of immigrants, not because these are low wage places but because people in the UK are eating less meat, don't want to be doing a jib like liking animals every day and most if it is going abroad anyway. As for students spending money here, yes, this true, and it's also true that Universities would be bankrupt if they didn't take foreign students - it's a business. Let's not focus on the entry requirements though eh? There is the real story.
Prasana McDonald
Prasana McDonald In the meantime, we are all here enjoying freedom of speech, all the benefits of being a " person of colour", at the expense of the white British who cannot say anything without being branded racists.