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Tommy Robinson: ‘You didn’t expose abuse’ - BBC Newsnight - Vidozee

Tommy Robinson: ‘You didn’t expose abuse’ - BBC Newsnight
BBC Newsnight — Published 8 months ago
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**This report contains some strong language

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When Tommy Robinson - real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - the former leader of far-right group the EDL, was jailed for contempt of court, a petition for his release attracted more than half a million signatures.

No longer involved with the English Defence League, he has gathered support after c...

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Michael Quirk
Geoffrey Reeks
Geoffrey Reeks Typical BBC propaganda. This BBC presenter ignores that Islam considers that a girl of nine is a woman and may be married to an adult man. That is pedophilia!
Geoff. Reeks
is that a fact
is that a fact this from the mob who protected saville its laughable
Trudy St.Claire
Trudy St.Claire Are you kidding? I'm in America and I know Tommy Robinson is spot on!!! Your press is just like America's BIASED AND OWNED BY THE EVIL ELITE!!!THE PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP TO THE GARBAGE BEING SHOVED DOWN THEIR THROATS! CNN is nothing in America anymore because of their bias and lying fake news.May this happen to all liars .May they become nothing.not seen, not heard
Trudy St.Claire
Trudy St.Claire Local authorities are a joke