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Should smacking be made illegal in England? - Vidozee

Should smacking be made illegal in England?
Sky News — Published 10 months ago
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School psychologists have launched a campaign to ban smacking claiming it's harmful to children's mental health.

The Trade Union Congress supports that the the law should be changed to match Scotland.

Wales is also planning to bring legislation forward according to their children and social care minister.

It’s currently banned in schools but parents can smack a child as long as it's ...

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Yul Hubbart
Yul Hubbart Its practically illegal, anyway. But Sky Sid mark news will always do their bit for more government intervention into people's lives wherever they can.
Osiris Barre
Osiris Barre What the hell is wrong with Western Europe? It seems they want to live in a world of fiction & fantasy.
Techy Rocket
Techy Rocket What a load of bollocks, I’m sure time could be spent on actual things that need sorting!
Stupid lefty’s that talk crap!!!!
stooeygrfn games
stooeygrfn games Im 14 and yeah bring it back lol
DeadBunny69 Why did Sky News turned off the comments section on the Weinstein video? Is it because the overwhelming response didn't follow the pro "me too" narrative they were hoping for? Is it for the same reasons ABC didn't put their video up on YouTube and why Inside Edition heavily edited and visually framed the video to hide the moments she flirted and touched him?

Is Sky News in the business of lying and propaganda?