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Another Top 10 Breaking Character Moments on Saturday Night Live — Published 2 weeks ago
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These breaking character moments on Saturday Night Live didn’t just have the cast members cracking up. We’re looking at instances where “SNL” hosts or cast members couldn’t keep it together during a sketch. However, we’re excluding specials and things that didn’t make it into the final show, so behind the scenes footage of Larry David dying of laughter while rehearsing a sketch will not be included. WatchMojo ran...

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Katie5963 4:20 we got a laugh from her yay so cute!!!
raggedyholistic “the number one spot on this list was designed to make the actor break character”
stefon Stefon StEFoN STEFON STEFON
Sierra Felice
Sierra Felice Hader said in an interview that he gets anxiety doing live tv, so when he started on snl, his hands going to his mouth was sort of an impulsive thing, he didn't do it on purpose. It ended being liked as a quirk for the character and stuck.

It was an interview with GQ I think, called Bill Hader breaks down his most iconic characters. Hilarious video, definitely reccomend if you're into him.
Oliver Doc
Oliver Doc Definitely don't need the narration or explanation...just run the clips
bbsy1 He said the hand thing was invented to cover up the laughing. You can tell later he did it as a character trait.