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Ariel Atom V8 vs 600bhp rallycross Citroen DS3 vs BMW HP4 superbike drag race - - Vidozee

Ariel Atom V8 vs 600bhp rallycross Citroen DS3 vs BMW HP4 superbike drag race -
Autocar — Published 6 years ago
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Which is faster? An Ariel Atom V8 track day toy, BMW HP4 superbike or a rallycross Citroen DS3 with 600bhp?

Here we have three completely different ways of going extremely quickly in a straight line. Time for a drag race then. So what are the contenders? There's the one-wheel drive BMW HP4 superbike, which arguably requires the most skill to extract speed from but has a ludicrous 757bhp/tonne power-to-weight ratio...

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Tanec Tanec
Tanec Tanec That DS3 is a beast.
Omar hemi
Omar hemi bmw s1000rr it is a masterpiece
Marco Brancorsini
Marco Brancorsini Now put those three on a track and see how the bike gets annihilated by the sheer cornering speed of the Atom.
Johan Smit
Johan Smit Now that we've seen the Ariel Atom V8 taken totally out of the equation, due to its extraordinary power to weight ratio in the wet weather race, how about returning to the same race-track while the weather permits dry racing conditions and see if the modified WRC racer and motorcycle will still dominate the Ariel Atom V8. I personally think that the organisers of the first race owe the viewers this privilege, seeing that the Ariel Atom V8 were branded to be the fastest accelerating car in the entire world. Will the organisers of the first race, please oblige the request.
M.R Steengrei
M.R Steengrei why did not they make a one inch wind shield wiper for the Ariel Atom???!!!