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Lenovo Smart Tab impressions: Android + Alexa Tablet! - Vidozee

Lenovo Smart Tab impressions: Android + Alexa Tablet!
Android Central — Published 5 months ago
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Craig Woodgate
Craig Woodgate I just purchased one of these sure it's not the best tablet but it's better than the Google home hub and I'm saying that only because I have bother the Google home hub and Lenovo smart Tab if the home hub had a bigger screen and a built in web browser it would be so much better but still a good device the only downside really is the need to pay a subscription for the music side of things where as on the Lenovo smart Tab you can put music on an SD card and play it from there
Antonio So it's a complete FULL Android tablet, and when docked it essentially becomes the Echo Show? Can you stay on Android mode while docked so you can watch/use your Android apps while docked? Also, is the P10 $249 or $299? I've heard $249 from CES, but it's listed for preorder at Amazon for $299.
KAY DE Hopefully this tablet will eventually be available in B&H for to test out because I've been hearing some complaints about it and I'm not sure as to whether I should believe and get cranky. T.T
Nishith Joshi
Nishith Joshi Wait, they seriously put Google assistant and Alexa in one device? Now they'll compete with each other on who sucks user's data more!!
king Ali
king Ali Absolutely