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Amitabh Bachchan ने फाइनली तोड़ी छुपी Nana Patekar और Tanushree Dutta मामले पर - Vidozee

Amitabh Bachchan ने फाइनली तोड़ी छुपी Nana Patekar और Tanushree Dutta मामले पर
Pen Action — Published 8 months ago
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Well Tanushree Dutta has taken the entrie B-town by a storm. A decade late but her voice has been heard. Where some members of B-town instantly spoke on this matter there Biggies like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan , Salman Khan were been made fun off as they answered diplomatically and didn't take a stand. Amitabh' sttaement neither i'm Tanushree nor Nana brought hatered for him and now finally Sr. Bachchan opens up on the Me T...

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Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar Wah randio
Md Nizamul
Md Nizamul Ye matlabi insaan hai
Gagan Gupta
Gagan Gupta we are losing our Indian culture n opting Western Culture, especially Bollywood, Specially here all the heriones they behave like, ' Baatei Sita ki aur Kapade Rita ki', this industries people are educating the sexuallity n glamour on silver screen, n now they are pointing out about sex abuse or Casting couch, dear ladies what happen to you people n why didn't u raise a question when you people play this kind of role, you know audience will somewhat or more effect from films, than why don't you people will say or ask to director's on that moment sir pls stop doing or putting this kind of scence,

but no why, they want be more bolder n Glamoures, because how bold or glamour she looks on screen so the offers comes to them, almost everyone sleep because for a chances, and this people even know if they move to Big banners from the downward staff start abuse or ask for casting couch, knowing everything they go to the office, after doing all this if they fails, they start taking media support jaise media kho
(casting couch) ke bare Mai kucch bhi paatha na ho, media ek dhood petha baccha ho, Mic aur camera dekhthe hi statement Dena shooru hojathey, Aur aaj Kal Enn Media kho kuchh kaam nahi rahatha hai tho sirf masala dundthey rahethey hai
BOB IYER No one can say anything about Tanushree-Nana dispute with authority ,unless she/he had a personal experience with Nana or if she/he has been a witness to the event. Further no one should say any thing now as the matter is sub judice in the court. One can comment on the state of things in Bollywood regarding sexual harassment etc in general and narrate his own personal experience. But it is an open secret that woman everywhere in the world undergoes insult and harassment in the workplace. The MeToo campaign is about that .Women have woken up and an all out war against the iniquities, insults and injustice in workplaces has commenced and an effort is being made to clean up workplaces of this muck. Any sane and civilised person will support this world wide movement by women.
Nivedita Kelly
Nivedita Kelly It is too late Mr Bachchan!
We used to like you a lot but you lost our respect now!
And amir or Salman khan whichever one that was can wipe that smug expression, as he is looking round, off his face now too!