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Switches are Clicky; Here's Why
Technology Connections — Published 4 months ago
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Click clack I was taken aback. Wonderin’ ‘bout those switches of light, yeah.
Let’s find out what the point is of all that clacking, shall we?

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Ethan Diaz
Ethan Diaz 13:24 my mouse is silent; it doesn't make noise at all
ReleasioBUP I know it's not really my place to say this, but for the Nintendo switch joke, you had the displayed game a fortnite, not botw, not Mario Odyssey, not even smash, but fortnite, the most sad popular reference to a game anyone could make. Go play fortnite on your mom's iPhone 7 not a gaming device that has so much more potential. Don't take this too seriously.
Tjita1 We had main (high voltage, 16 kV) switches on trains and locomotives here in Sweden that blows out the arc with a huge pulse of compressed air. It wasn't recommended to do when there were people on board or on the platform, since the very loud bang would scare them.
Most of them are replaced with vaccum switches these days which sound more like a large contactor, but the old ones are still around, ans I did occasionally have to operate them near people when I was a train driver. It always had some old lady shrieking in fear, and me worrying about dealing with heart attacks..
jack hewitt
jack hewitt 5:12 stop torturing that poor outlet! ( if your observant you might get the joke)
Shannon Rhoads
Shannon Rhoads 1:41 A switch is a stick your granny sends you to the orchard to get when you've been bad.