Tom Kenny is AWESOME ! (Spongebob) Comic Con 2013 - Vidozee

Tom Kenny is AWESOME ! (Spongebob) Comic Con 2013
Megan Lima — Published 6 years ago
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Went to Comic Con 2013 one main reason was to meet Tom Kenny the voice of SpongeBob, Ice King, Dog from CatDog and so many more voices ! Super talented, so I was watching Brickleberry (only reason was cause I heard Tom's voice in it) found out there was a signing for it and seeked Tom out at Comic Con totally worth it ! Got to meet Tom and get an awesome pic HE IS CRAZY ! lol I do not own the rights to the songs just added for...

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Buttercup Butter
Buttercup Butter I wish that I can see tom Kenny too
Cfan67 Sailor Moon and Tom Kenny! Coooool!
chelsi irvine
chelsi irvine he is so sweet omg awwwwwwwwww
SonicTheHedgeHog05 Where is lary the lobster?
Esmeralda Hernandez
Esmeralda Hernandez I was gonna ask about your cosplay but I realized you're fionna :3