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Meet The Meth Makers | Narco State | Sky News - Vidozee

Meet The Meth Makers | Narco State | Sky News
Sky News — Published 4 years ago
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'Negro' and 'Blanca' make thousands of dollars cooking meth in Mexican drug labs. The further away their batches are transported, the more they're worth. The batch they make tonight will be worth $4,000 by the time it reaches Chicago.

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OneOfKind Leo
OneOfKind Leo Lets just show the world where the government makes the meth that kills us all.
Edgar Cardenas
Edgar Cardenas #$#$#$ nasa sb ca 805 er
Heidi Murphy
Heidi Murphy Brutally arrest
We r being Replaced
We r being Replaced The cookers won't live that long
Gr8Success crystal metch i great . who needs teeth anyways