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Police fire tear gas on crowds during Hong Kong protests - Vidozee

Police fire tear gas on crowds during Hong Kong protests
CNN — Published 4 days ago
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Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters in Hong Kong, hours after tens of thousands of mostly young people surrounded the city's government headquarters and postponed the debate over a controversial bill that would allow fugitives to be extradited to China. #CNN #News

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ovy mz
ovy mz china fuck... hongkong & taiwan freedom
law swee guan
law swee guan Hong Kong police consider yourself very lucky, your protesters are civil, not violent and do not vandal. They love their country. They even peacefully protest with their families with small children. Look at France and Indonesia riots. Hong Kong police you are beasts well fed and now Hong Kong police you are monsters eating you own flesh and blood of people defending Hong Kong future. HK police you are traitors and shameless
Blue cat
Blue cat 第十八条 在香港特别行政区实行的法律为本法以及本法第八条规定的香港原有法律和香港特别行政区立法机关制定的法律。全国人民代表大会常务委员会决定宣布战争状态或因香港特别行政区内发生香港特别行政区政府不能控制的危及国家统一或安全的动乱而决定香港特别行政区进入紧急状态,中央人民政府可发布命令将有关全国性法律在香港特别行政区实施。
yham manaloto
yham manaloto i remember once criticized us fdw here in hk
Ryan Lets bring these protesters to america and show them how lucky they are to have such a nice hk police force. Yall would have been mowed down with guns in the first day if you did that shit here.